My first love has always been for Triumphs. The first bike I bought after passing my test (back in 1978) was a US specification 750 Bonneville. The bike looked great, what spoilt it  was poor reliability, build quality and  performance. That's why I decided to use BMW machines.

Anyway some of my biking buddies have 900 Speed Triples (or is that cripples?) and I quite liked the look of the new Triumph. The issue I had was finding a bike that met my requirements (100+ BHP, Physically Large, Monster Torque). The only Triumph that fitted the bill was a 1200 Daytona.

With 145 BHP and 84 ft/lb of Torque, the Daytona is the ultimate British muscle bike (click here for the specification).

What's it like?

Imagine strapping a saddle onto a cruise missile then going for a ride. It's big, it's powerful and it's great!

What's not so good?

I've tried to get the bike sorted, and that meant taking it for a major service. I  asked the dealer to fit a new chain & sprockets and also fit a Scotoiler. During the service they noticed that the Alternator shaft was broke (the retaining bolt had sheared off). This resulted in removing the clutch in order to replace the bolt! So I picked up the bill with over 10 hours labour (and parts) which came to a frightening 760 (GBP). To say I was gutted would be an under statement!