R1150GS Issues

1 major issue at 35700 miles:

  • At he last MOT I received an 'advisory' that the rear wheel bearing felt rough. Over the next 800 miles this got progressively worse until free play became evident in the bearings. This resulted in me removing the bevel box from the bike and having new wheel bearings (and pinion bearing) fitted by Bristol Motorrad. This cost approx. 350.

3 minor issues with the bike:

  • Oil wept out of the front cover. This was fixed under warranty (I also had the alternator belt renewed, the front engine cover painted and a new oil sight glass fitted at the same time).

  • The fuel filler o-ring split and the filler drain vent was blocked. Over time, water contaminated the fuel resulting in a misfire. I drained the tank, replaced the fuel filter, fitted a new filler o-ring and cleaned out the filler drain vent. Since then the filler neck has no water in it and the bike runs like a dream.

  • On the left is a picture of the rear Avon Distanzia tyre. I've covered less than 4000 miles on it and it's completely destroyed on the right hand side. My best guess is that I've been powering out of right hand bends too hard.